Selling our home, situated in the Ku-ring- gai Conservation Area, turned out to be a major frustration for us. There were many unforeseen obstacles in our path, and many moments in which we became disheartened and worried that we would not be able to achieve the price we were looking for. We very much believe Ari was the one agent in the area who had the determination to maximise our sale price within our circumstances. We have no hesitation in recommending him for his enthusiastic and hard-working approach. He was constantly in touch with us throughout the campaign and always had the time to answer our questions. In the end we achieved a sale price we were happy with, and we cannot speak more highly of Ari for everything he has done for us. If you want to maximise your sale price in the Ku-ring-gai Conservation Area, Ari is your man!

Julie and Wayne - 2 Matong Street, Gordon

I’m pleased to say I am most impressed with Ari Akbarian! We recently sold our home at no. 3 Elgin Street under his care, and it was an incredible experience. Ari is dedicated, exceptionally hard-working, young and energetic, and he absolutely ‘walks his talk’ – that is to say, he delivers on his promises. I was very, very happy to be working with him on the sale of our home. And that’s exactly what we did – work together. Ari is not ‘formula driven’ in his sale tactics, he is more progressive in his strategies and knows how to move with the flow of the process. He is absolutely tireless; he even took time out of his Sundays for us and I appreciate that immensely. Ari absolutely went the extra mile to give everything he’s got for the sale of our home, I honestly could not ask for more. We trusted his genuine energy from the moment we met him, and I am glad we went with our instincts and chose Ari to look after our home. The results he produced for us were amazing, I will definitely be recommending his services to everyone I know!

Cathy Ho - 3 Elgin Street, Gordon

The Office Manager Ray White Real Estate Gordon and St Ives Good afternoon Rez, It is appropriate that I commit, in writing, how delighted I am with Ari Akbarian from your agencies. I had been trying to sell our property in Werona Avenue Killara for more than eight years.I had a number of other firms try, without success. They were all big on promises and pitiful on fulfillment after we signed exclusive agency agreements. When I first met Ari he, too, was big on promises, very confident that we would sell at our price quite quickly. I was very skeptical, I had heard it all before. However, I was mightily impressed with his professionalism, his transparency and his honesty. Ari not only sold it quickly, but did so with a minimum of fuss, at our price. I can assure you, Rez, I will certainly be using Ari any time in the future when I am selling any of our properties; he is a true professional, I feel most fortunate to have met him. Please thank him on my behalf. Regards, Don Harris

Don Harris - Killara Post Office

Pleased to inform that Mr. Ari Akbarian is the greatest marketing and sales manager in our area as a real estate agent

Lawrence Ho - 1 Locksley Street, Killara

Dear Paula and Ari, Many thanks for all your recent efforts in selling my mother's home in St Ives. We were most impressed by your professional approach, your attention to detail and the enthusiasm shown when discussing the family home. As you probably realised I was quite overwhelmed at the thought of selling a house - and prior to our initial meeting had downloaded "10 Questions to ask your Agent"! As it turned out I had no need to use them as you covered everything in a most concise and informative manner at our first meeting and throughout the sales period. Thank you for listening to my mother's stories - I know she really enjoyed talking with you both and and making that special, personal connection. Thank you also to your team to Isabella, Soraya and the photographers - who all displayed a friendly and professional attitude at all times. Once again many thanks for your professional approach, your kindness and your enthusiasm - it was much appreciated. Best wishes for the festive season and 2017

Val Laurie and Daphne Macdonald - 32 Richmond Avenue, St Ives

The good weather, lots of people in attendance, a great auctioneer and all your enthusiasm and hard work, the auction was given the best shot possible and under such favourable circumstances, so thanks heaps Ari for all of your skill in getting a successful sale of the property.

Don - 60 Ridge St, Gordon

As a recent client of Ari Akbarian’s, I am writing to inform you Ari has been a persistent agent, tireless in his efforts to deliver the best outcome for us in the recent sale of our property. We had previously tried, unsuccessfully, to sell our property and Ari's efforts were key in getting us a result at our targeted price. We were aware that our property was never going to be a simple or open to a traditional sales campaign due to its unique nature. It needed someone who could sell the potential, an agent that understood the potential of our block and could nurse the purchaser through the complex council and building issues to visualise the dream and paint the picture of what could be. Ari's education and experience was key to this. Ari tapped into his contacts and was able to secure a range of prospects and a buyer within a short time. We are very thankful of Ari's expertise and dogged approach to getting us our outcome.

Mr and Mrs Dixon - 20 Elgin Street, Gordon

Ari Akbarian was recently responsible for marketing our home at 40 Pleasant Avenue, East Lindfield. Ari appraised our home at a higher price than other local agents who we met with. We were initially sceptical given the lower valuations, however he was very confident this price was achievable. We placed our trust in Ari and we appointed him based on his track record in negotiating premium prices in the area combined with his knowledge of the area and engaging personality. Ari delivered and exceeded our expectations, securing an exceptional price within only one week of marketing our home. We were so impressed and believe this outcome would not have been achievable without Ari's expertise. We would highly recommend Ari to our family and friends and we would not hesitate to engage his services in the future.

Linda Vlasic

We have been absolutely thrilled with the service and dedication of Ari Akbarian in selling our house at 22 Yarralumla Ave, St Ives Chase. My husband and I found his passion for real estate inspiring and he continually put his heart and soul into the entire sale process. His real estate credentials and experience far surpassed all other real estate agents that we had considered prior to engaging Ari. Ari was always available and extremely responsive and we can’t thank him enough for his dedication and ability to drive for a quick sale for our unique house. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Ari to all our friends and contacts and wish him the best.

Evonne and Hemant Daya

Ari achieved to make both sides, the buyers and the sellers, very happy and this within short weeks. Thanks for selling our investment property. I know you have it in you to be very successful in your endeavours. You certainly have what it takes to sell real estate. We have met the new owners and could see that they are very happy with this property.

Karl and Traute Tuckfield

Last year we sold our family home in Gordon after 32 years. Whilst it was an excellent property on a large 1-acre lot, despite several campaigns with 2 different agents and despite showing the property to numerous other ‘leading’ agents we could not get traction in the market and could not get a single genuine offer despite more than 100 inspections. That was until Ari Akbarian knocked on our door. Ari exhibited the tenacity and professionalism that we expected from a leading agent and he immediately introduced a buyer who subsequently purchased at a record Gordon price. The thing with Ari was that he took ‘ownership’ of the house and sold it as if it was his own. This is a rarity in the industry as while agents do all the usual advertising and promotion they rarely seem to become as passionate as the owners themselves. Ari is different and the results speak for themselves. By taking that ownership and having that passion I believe he was able to get the great features of the property across which resulted in a sale. I would not hesitate to recommend Ari to anyone thinking of selling.

Peter Icklow

After living in the city for 30 years we decided to look for a more spacious living environment around the St Ives area. The enthusiastic real-estate agent we ran into was Ari Akbarian. His knowledge of the area and the property was terrific for us. He had a great relationship with the previous owners and that made everything for us with so many questions an easy and enjoyable task. A fantastic tool was the 3D virtual video of the house. This was incredibly useful to look at over time as we made a decision to buy the house. Ari spent a lot of time with us on phone calls, emails, many visits on any day of the week and was good to negotiate with. He always responded very quickly with good humour and a smile. Our time buying this property with Ari was an enjoyable one.

Lisa and Dein Perry

“We met with all the top agents for Gordon, Killara and Pymble when selling our apartment in Dumaresq Street. Ari’s passion for what he does made him stand out head and shoulders above the rest. His technical background and property knowledge of this area was outstanding and his appraisal was spot on. Ari sold our apartment for more than his appraisal within a few days. The service we received from Ari and his team was seamless. We have since bought again in Gordon and would have no hesitation recommending Ari to anyone looking to sell.” - Naomi & Francis 2015

Naomi DeRosa - B102 / 6-14 street Dumaresq street, Gordon

Once we decided to sell, we interviewed many agents from Pymble and as an alternative we interviewed Ari from Ray White Gordon. He was absolutely head and shoulders above the rest. Not only did he estimate a higher selling price, he achieved a price higher than what he quoted and in only 2 weeks, all the while taking the stress out of the whole procedure. If anyone is considering selling their property I would not hesitate in recommending Ari, he is a property expert. If you don't sell your property with Ari, in our opinion you will have under sold. I would like to thank Ari for his professional attitude and exceptional result!!

Alex & Christine - 4 Hesperus Street, Pymble NSW 2073

In setting our reserve, a number of local agents thought that our figure was far too high and was not achievable. One agent from Gordon though, thought it was possible and provided a range which he said he would achieve. The agency was Ray White and the agent was Ari Akbarian. We were delighted and went with Ari. He has extensive knowledge of real estate and coupled with his University education and an enormous passion for our area, came equipped with a natural ability to sell, which is a breath of fresh air, especially when most of us need a little push to commit, to what is, the biggest investment in our lives. It is evident that Ari loves his Job and I would recommend anyone selling or buying to pick his brain.... It worked for us!!!! Brian & Svetlana August 2014

Brian & Svetlana - 22 Eucalyptus street, St Ives NSW 2075

When selling a house you want two things: an agent that doesn't talk down the price after the first viewing and an agent that gets a buyer to lodge a bid at fair value. Ari achieved both, a win-win situation for the seller and buyer and got the deal done-no fuss, no highs or lows just a deal and two happy families. Ari was always enthusiastic, motivated and talked up the situation making the experience seamless and business like. Ari from Ray White Gordon / St Ives has allowed us to move on to pursue other interests. We would have no hesitation in recommending Ari to any potential Seller in Killara and wish him all the best. THANKS ARI!!!

Petrie Mackay - 22 Grassmere Road, Killara NSW 2071

''Ari sold our 3 bedroom apartment, in an unstable market, for a price we were satisfied with, in a short time frame at minimal advertising cost to us."

Mr & Mrs Holver - Pymble

It is very rare in life when your expectations of a person are considerably exceeded by their guidance, dedication and professionalism. On meeting Ari we immediately felt at ease with his professionalism and confidence. Ari reassured us that we would reach a certain price in a certain time and he definitely came through for us. What can I say except he is a miracle worker, selling our house for a price which far exceeded our expectations! Ari's clear communication and advice made it evident that our interests were always given priority consideration. At the end of the day with the sale completed we can only reflect on how lucky we were that we chose to place the sale of our home in his capable hands.

David & Sonya - 724 Pacific Highway Gordon NSW 2072

Ari has his finger on the pulse of the North Shore which made him astute about what the market place needed and wanted. His quick thinking, diplomacy and tact - together with determination to secure a sale definitely stands out from the crowd. Ari brings a personal style and professional approach that is quite unique in the industry. He proactively communicated with us throughout the entire process and we felt absolutely confident with how our campaign was run from start to sale. I'm sure that Ari would also give prospective buyers the same confidence in his professionalism and personal touch, which makes a huge difference when going through either a buy or sell process. We would have no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone in this area who is planning to sell their home.

John & Maria - 6 Bolwarra Avenue, West Pymble NSW 2073

"During our 8 month period of looking for a first home, we had the opportunity to meet a diverse range of different real estate agents. The property we ended up purchasing was managed by Ari. I honestly believe (and I'm sure most people will agree with me on this) it's quite hard nowadays to find a sales agent you can trust and most of the time you have to take what agents say 'with a grain of salt'. However, I'm happy to say that Ari is probably one of the few sales my wife and I had contact with that we can say we trust him. Our dealings with him with this purchase has been very amicable and forthcoming. We found that Ari was very nice and extremely friendly and was always happy and willing to give us advice on property issues that we were unsure or not too familiar with. I think that these are hard qualities to find in a real estate agent and it's even harder to find one you can trust. We have absolutely no hesitation recommending him to friends or relatives should they or anyone else require a real estate agent in the future."

Jason Low - Gordon